Kimberly Cohn, MFT, RDT/BCT Psychotherapy and Integration

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Choosing your Therapist

Finding the right therapist is critical and many factors contribute to a quality therapeutic match. To best meet my client’s needs, I bring a blend of relational knowledge and clinical skills, open inquiry and integrity from diverse experience with a range of clients as a licensed therapist with additional training and expertise (LMFT,RDT/BCT).

I offer various formats from novel approaches in “talk therapy” to customized, creative and expressive arts modalities, per individual interest and curiosity to explore.

Harnessed by empathy, humor and sensitivity, my approach offers an informed-yet-intuitive clinical sense, striving to balance training and experience, “IQ”, with emotional intelligence, “EQ”. I love partnering with my clients to discover and co-create their therapeutic experience. In over 20 years of practice, I’ve come to know these qualities as the art and science of quality mental health care, commingling at the heart of meaningful work. 

You’ll bring awareness of your struggles and needs, alongside a humble willingness, if not eager readiness to engage, to get the most out of our time together. If more guidance is needed, we’ll identify patterns, prioritize needs and enhance communication skills in session. 

When desired or indicated, we’ll discuss options for practical measures and between-session activities, from targeted “homework” to creative or experiential pursuits that align with your interests. This may be journaling prompts, athletics/movement, doodling/drawing, free-writing/poetry, dance or yoga, to name a few possibilities. In other words, we’ll seek a blend of structure and fluidity, to find form amidst freedom that can inspire and sustain the right balance for you.  

Trained in developmental psychology and applied methods, I work with a range of clients from mature kids/teens to emerging or mid-career professionals, high-performing C-suite executives, founders and those facing retirement. 

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Areas of inquiry

  • Are you trying to make sense of a recent transition or grappling with new information that shakes your expectations? This could be impacts from a divorce or sudden loss, climate change, the economy, injustice, threats to personal freedom or the future you had  envisioned;
  • You may be experiencing a confusing mix of grief, anger and/or gratitude simultaneously and seek a welcoming, non-judgmental space in which to explore? 
  • You may wish to develop clearer boundaries, to become more direct; 
  • Or, perhaps you’ve gotten feedback that you’re “too direct” or even offensive to some in today’s shifting standards and want to explore other communication styles, current norms and cultural shifts;
  • You might want to change aspects of your life or expand acceptance of ‘what is’, within yourself and others?
  • Maybe you’re struggling to take action in some areas towards goal completion and seek to develop more self-accountability; 
  • Or, could you benefit from learning how to intentionally let go, and surrender to finding greater peace?
  • Maybe you seek targeted trauma healing or treatment for PTSD, anxiety, depression and other symptoms ?
  • Or you might want to process myriad other feelings, thoughts, needs and nascent desires for new discoveries and simply wish to share in therapeutic partnership…

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Kimberly Cohn

Licensed Marriage, Family Therapist #46208

Registered Drama Therapist #313

Board Certified Trainer #70

Certificate in Psychedelic Therapy and Research CIIS/MAPS 2023

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